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Mango tree essay 10 lines in english

09.01.2021 Mango tree essay 10 lines in english

A mango is a type of fruit. The mango tree is native to South Asia, from where it has been taken to become one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the tropics. It is harvested in the month of march summer season till the end of May. Pakistan and India share the major export market of mangoes. It is also their national fruit. Ripe mangoes are very sweet in taste but they are bitterly sour before they ripen.

Alphonso mangoes can be found in various parts of western India. These mangoes are also indigenous to the southern part of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom. Described by these southerners the Ibibios as Grade 1 mangoes. The tree is mainly known for its fruit rather than for its wood. However, mango trees can be converted to lumber once their fruit bearing lifespan had finished.

The wood is susceptible to damage from fungi and insects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the fruit.

For the Italian singer, see Mango singer. The Wood Database. Retrieved 30 August Green Clean Guide. Handbook of natural toxins. New York: Dekker. Types of fruits. Hidden categories: Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL Articles with 'species' microformats.Well said extensively- may did lot of hard work to gather information.

It is worthwhile. Post a Comment. Essay on Mango Essay on Mango for Students. May 14, In this article, we have provided a complete essay on mango which will really help you. A complete essay on mango will help you all in knowing about the mango. Essay on Mango is been dedicated to all the students who are searching for essay on mango and if you really liked our essay on mango then please tell us. We have written an essay on mango with our full dedication to help you to learn essay on mango.

It is our country's national fruit and people call it the king of all fruits. Mango is my favorite fruit. The reason I love mangoes so much is their lip-smacking flavor and crazy-driving fragrance. In India there are over mango varieties found. The size, color and flavor of all of them are different.

I love the' Dassehri' mangoes most of all of these varieties. They're luscious and sweet. Mango can be eaten in many ways, such as salad, juice, sauce, lassi, Aam Panna, and as a spicy pickle, of course. God has given man sweet, juicy, delicious and fleshy fruits to eat, such as apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cherries, dates, figs, grapes, oranges, pomegranates, mangoes, and many other fruits.

I like apples, oranges, and grapes, but mango is my favorite fruit. I eat at least two mangoes of good size and weight every day during the season when mangoes are available. It is regarded as India's national fruit.

mango tree essay 10 lines in english

Mango is made up of vitamin Avitamin Cand vitamin D. It is also rich in iron and helps eradicate anemia problem in kids. There are over a hundred mango varieties.

Based on colors, shapes, sizes and many other specifications, these varieties are used.Mango is a tasty and sweet fruit, and it is also known as the king of all fruits. And nearly varieties of mangoes are found in India.

There are almost species of mangoes found in this world. Rather than that, raw mangoes are also useful as people use raw mangoes to make pickles, which lasts for a year or more.

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According to the season, mangoes are available in different colors like yellow, green, orange, reddish, etc. Some famous varieties of India mangoes are Alphonsos available in Maharashtra, Badami available in Karnataka, etc. People of India are crazy about mangoes, as India is leading as the most mango consuming country in the world. Mangoes can be consumed in two ways, one is directly eating, and many love to have mango shakes or mango juice during summers.

As mangoes are grown in summers but this modern era, mangoes are available in almost every season because its stock is kept to sell afterward. In India, during summers, food without mangoes is incomplete, whether it is lunch, breakfast, or dinner.

Due to that much popularity of mangoes, many companies also started selling mango juices, which may not be healthy as it is not fresh and contains many chemicalsbut fresh mango juice is healthy and pure.

There are many by-products of mangoes available in the market like mango ice creams, barfis, and churan generally ayurvedic powdered medicine are called churan. These minerals keep our body healthy and give strength to fight against different diseases. Because it contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, which controls the amount of sodium circulation in the body through blood.

It increases the amount of insulin in our blood, which is useful for a diabetic patient. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.

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Essay on Mango For Class 3

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Learn more.Mango is definitely the most loved fruit in India. Mangos are my favorite fruit too. The reason I love mangos so much is their lip-smacking flavor and crazy-driving fragrance. There are more than varieties of mangos found in India.

mango tree essay 10 lines in english

They all are different in size, color, and flavor. Usually, the common flavor of mangos is sour. Mangos can be consumed in many ways such as salad, juice, sauce, lassi, Aam Panna, and of course as the spicy pickle. Mangos not only taste scrumptious but they are also an extremely rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D and have many health benefits.

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Short Essay on Mango And Its Benefits

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When I return fromTrees are the lifeline of our planet. They are the main source of the gas of life, Oxygen. They not only cleanse the air but also regulate the temperature of the earth.

Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide and other harmful gases and release oxygen in return and hence they are also termed as the lungs of our planet. Trees provide a natural habitat to birds, animals, and other microorganisms and play a crucial role in supporting biodiversity on earth. They improve the air quality by absorbing the toxins, prevent soil erosion, conserve water and improve the climatic condition at a given place.

Trees also play an important role for economic growth and a major source of livelihood for many tribal communities residing in forests. Trees and forests are the lungs of our ecosystem as they are essential components for sustaining life on our planet and without them, it would be very difficult to imagine life on earth.

They safeguard the living beings on earth from various threats and are also responsible for rainfalls. They are the source of food, shelter, livelihood, and fuel, etc for a variety of species including human beings.

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Trees also play an important role in religions and Hinduism has always given importance to the trees as most of the rituals and customs are performed under trees. Rohit, is a Post Graduate in Computer Science and has many years of writing experience.

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He likes writing blogs, articles on various Social, Environmental, Technical, Political topics, etc topics. He believes that a change starts from within and if you want to change something it has to start from you. His motto for life: Hard work, Sincerity and Dedication are the keys to success. Login in to your account. Lost your password? Lost Password. Back to login. Related articles 10 Lines on Global warming 10 Lines.

All rights reserved.They are with us for ages. We cannot do without them. They are useful for us in many ways. Everyone knows now that trees are valuable. Concern about the environment has made us conscious of trees.

mango tree essay 10 lines in english

But our forefathers also knew the value of trees. Trees provide people with food, fibers, and medicines. Throughout history, people have used wood to make tools, construct buildings and create works of art.


Living trees are as valuable to humankind as are the products because they help in conserving natural resources. Trees help conserve soil erosion and flood. The roots prevent soil from being washed away by heavy rains. Tree roots also help store water underground. Forests are the main factors of our environment water-cycle. Trees keep the air clean. They evaporate water taken from the earth by roots. This evaporation increases humidity and causes rain. Many medicines, gums, oils, wood and dyes are made from trees.

They also give fruits. Trees really are very valuable. They also help in lessening air pollution and add to the beauty of the environment. Have you read these?


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